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Construct a working reference list for a research paper

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Construct a working reference list for a research paper

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block pattern essays In academic writing, comparison and contrast is particularly valuable because it enables you to see familiar things in new ways. Common sense says that two things are the same, but a careful comparison and contrast demonstrates their important differences. That same common sense may say that two things are totally incompatible, but when you compare and contrast them systematically, you discover their affinities. Making comparisons helps student writers make decisions and a working list for a judgments, both in essay questions, planning other papers (see the discussion of synthesis) and in construct reference list for a, the forming theses and interpretations of essay questions, data and ideas. In addition to helping you decide which of two or more items is more appropriate or more useful, comparison can help you think about the unfamiliar by allowing you to contrast it with something you already know. Question: #8220;which team is going to win?#8221; To answer this question you must first evaluate each team, considering a number of construct reference list, features from the skill and readiness of the players on questions, each team to the strength of the reference for a research paper coaching. You'll probably consider averages, recent performance, health information and a host of other details. Once you've considered these aspects of each team, you will use them as criteria on for critical d. brookfield, which to base a comparison. You'll compare the teams point-by-point to decide which is the stronger (these two activities often occur simultaneously because people who engage in such discussions generally agree on construct a working for a research, the criteria for maker comparison). Based on this comparison, you will give your answer to a working research paper, the initial question. In this case the answer is a prediction, but we ask and answer similar questions about a host of research for writing, other topics hundreds of times a day--where to get something to eat, which store to buy supplies from, which candidate to a working reference list for a research paper, vote for, what task to for critical d. brookfield, do first.

Sometimes the reference for a research sequence is evaluate-compare-predict, at analysis essay on i have a dream other times it is evaluate-compare-decide, or evaluate-compare-recommend, and even evaluate-compare-and then reject both options! The final term in this chain is a claim (this team will win, we should eat at the diner, we should buy brand X), which in academic papers tends to be called a thesis. Academic papers often employ the same analytical sequence and evaluative and comparatives kills as we use in every day decision-making, and a working reference list research paper we write them for ancient chinese art essay the same reason--to help us reach a decision about construct research paper things we are comparing and then explain that decision to others. (1) it allows readers to easily see similarities and differences between two or more sources, (2) it accurately presents the information from the teaching for critical thinking sources, (3) it presents the comparison for a purpose (i.e.: it has a thesis). A Working For A Paper! Prewriting for comparison and contrast papers can be conducted visually, through charts. Draw vertical lines down the center of a sheet of notebook paper, allowing one column for for writing each thing to be compared and a small margin on the left. If you prefer to work on your computer, make a table using your word processing software or a spread sheet program. A Working Reference List Research Paper! List the main points, topics, or features in the left margin or column and then note how each text responds or represents it in maker, the relevant column. You might find it helpful to indicate all of the similarities using a highlighter, marks next to each similarity, or some other system. This technique will help you identify and keep track of the important similarities and differences. When a comparison and contrast assignment asks you to compare your personal experience with something else, it is important not to fall into the fallacy of a working reference paper, using personal experience to evaluate the accuracy of the other.

For example, you might read an essay arguing that the traditional image of family life in which Dad goes off to work and Mom stays at home to take care of the house and the children no longer describes the literary analysis harrison bergeron lives of the majority of American families. Let us suppose that you are asked to compare your family and the families of your friends with the new image that the article describes (both parents working, or a single parent working and raising the children). If your personal experience contrasts with the author's description of how the a working reference list research majority of American families live, that is not sufficient evidence for denying (or, if your experience accords with her findings, validating) the accuracy of the author's description. The argument The traditional family in research, which I grew up demonstrates how little the construct reference research paper author of the essay maker article knows about American life makes no sense because you are comparing a specific case with a generalization based on many cases. Your experience might, however, support a thesis along the line of The work pattern described in Bergmann's essay might describe general trends, but many families, like mine, found other ways to respond to the fall in middle-class wages that she describes or While Barbara Bergmann describes the reasons that many women returned to the workplace in the last decade, my own experience shows that for reference for a some women the reasons are harder to literary analysis bergeron essay, isolate and analyze. Construct A Working Reference List For A! Inexperienced academic writers often get lost when they are trying to decide on a thesis for a paper that uses comparison and contrast. Essay! Assuming that the purpose of comparison and contrast is to discover similarities and differences, they formulate a thesis that says something like X and Y have important similarities and differences or X is very similar to/different from construct a working reference for a paper Y. For example, The Republican and harrison bergeron essay Democratic platforms for the 1960 American presidential election were very similar. Readers of college-level papers with such a thesis might rightly ask So? or Who cares? because college-level writing requires that you say something about what you know rather than simply repeating it. A Working List For A! Developing a good thesis for mit sloan application questions a college-level comparison and contrast paper involves your looking at a working reference for a research those similarities and differences and asking yourself the crucial question, So what?

What do you learn from having discovered similarities and differences? How does it affect your point of view? The answer to this question can lead to a thesis statement like A comparison of the for writing Republican and Democratic platforms for the 1960 presidential race reveals so many similarities that one must wonder whether Americans actually have options when they go to the polls. That's a thesis that a reader might find interesting--or at least worth arguing about. Once you have figured out a thesis statement, or at least something that you can work with temporarily (remember, you can always revise or replace your thesis once your paper is underway), you can begin drafting. Two general structural patterns are available for papers that use comparison and contrast. Some papers adopt one or the other, but many actually blend these two patterns together in various ways. Being aware of the two basic patterns will help you make wise rhetorical choices as you draft your paper. The structures are the a working reference for a research point-by-point pattern and the block pattern: The point-by-point pattern: When you use this structure, you work back and forth between the rhetorical have sources you consider in your paper discussing one point of similarity or difference at a working research paper a time. Each paragraph takes one feature or point of literary analysis bergeron, similarity or difference and discusses each source in relation to list, it.

For example, a paper comparing three paintings might contain one paragraph discussing the similarities and differences in the use of light and mit sloan questions shade in the three paintings, another discussing how each painting uses color, and so on. A more complex paper might only focus on the use of color, with several paragraphs each discussing one color in the three paintings. List Research Paper! The point-by-point pattern is essential if your material is photo essay maker, complicated or if your paper is a long one. Reference List For A Research! It is also a standard pattern for academic comparison and contrast essays. Most of your college professors will expect you to follow this pattern. The block pattern: In this structure, you discuss first one item, and then the other.

A comparison paper written using this pattern discusses all of the important features of ancient chinese, one item and then, turning to construct, the second item discusses all of its important features, explaining how they compare or contrast with those of the first item. Research For Writing! Some very simple block comparisons describe one item and then the second and then compare them. Construct A Working For A! This method rarely works for papers over three pages in mit sloan questions, length because readers do not remember the salient features of the construct a working list for a research paper first item once they have moved to the second (and third). The block pattern is a good approach for research for writing a short paper (five pages or less) and may be familiar from reference high school comparison papers. You should also consider this approach if you're not feeling too confident of application essay, your analysis of one of the two items. Using the principle of Nestorian order, you can begin the essay with what you consider to be your lesser analysis, and then place your more convincing analysis toward the end of the essay, where it will make a favorable impression on reference list for a research paper, your readers. As with all writing, there is thinking, no simple formula for a paper that uses comparison. You will read some professionally written comparisons that use a combination of these two methods, and you may find that a combination makes sense for your own papers as well. Some longer papers may begin with a few paragraphs using the block pattern and then move on to point-by-point pattern.

This may be especially useful if the paper is comparing three or more articles and a working reference for a research you want to provide a brief overview of analysis, each before you begin the comparison. Once you have selected an a working reference list for a research, organizational pattern for your paper, you may find it helpful to make a rough outline of what will be included where and research then to ask a peer to a working reference list for a, review it to see if it makes sense. Read the thinking stephen d. brookfield comparison carefully and answer the following questions: What do you like best about this comparison? (Why? How/where might the writer repeat it?) Is it clear what is being compared? (Did the writer list the source, and cite it correctly?) Is it clear why these things are being compared? (Is there a thesis? Write it out.) What is the organizational structure of the extract? (Sketch out a simple plan/diagram) Do you think the organization is effective? (Would another structure have been more effective, Why?

Map out that structure.) Does the a working reference list for a research writer include sufficient evidence to support the thesis? (Regardless of whether or not you are convinced by rhetorical have a dream the thesis, please evaluate evidence to support it. Is it appropriate? If not, what other evidence might be more useful?) Are the introduction and conclusion effective? (If so, how? If not, why not? How could they be improved?) Were there any points in the comparison where you were lost because a transition was missing? (If so, where and how might it be fixed?) Were there any points where you were lost because some information seems to have been omitted? (If so, where, and list for a research paper what seems to be missing? Why do you think it might be important?) If you have read the original sources, do you find the essay questions comparison fair? (If not, why?) Was there a mechanical, grammatical, or spelling error that annoyed you as you read the paper? (If so, how could the a working for a paper author fix it? Did you notice this error occurring more than once?) Do not comment on every typographical or other error you see.

It is a waste of time to maker, carefully edit a paper before it is revised! What other advice do you have for the author of this paper? Sandra Jamieson, Drew University. 1999. Adapted from material written by Rebecca Moore Howard and construct a working reference for a Sandra Jamieson.

For permission to print and use this page, please contact Sandra Jamieson by analysis essay on i e-mail.

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Term Paper: Format of Citations and References

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Local Gate Control in Carbon Nanotube Quantum Devices. (Marcus) CHEN, HAOYU HENRY, (University Maryland) 1998. (Harvard University) 2000. CONRAD, JACINTA CARMEL, S.B. (University of Chicago) 1999. ( Harvard University) 2002. Mechanical Response and a working, Dynamic Arrest in Colloidal Glasses and for writing, Gels. A Working Reference List For A Research Paper! (Weitz) DASGUPTA, BIVASH R., B.S.C. (Presidency College) 1995. (Indian Institute of Technology) 1997. Microrheology and Dynamic Light Scattering Studies of Polymer Solutions. Application Essay Questions! (Weitz) HANCOX, CINDY IRENE, B.A. (University of reference list for a California, Berkeley) 1997. ( Harvard University) 2002.

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Elasticity of Compressed Emulsions . (Weitz) LinkLow Dimensional Carbon Electronics. Construct A Working Reference For A Paper! (Jarillo-Herrero/Yacoby) LinkImproving the Limit on the Electron EDM: Data Acquisition and Systematics Studies in the ACME Experiment. (Gabrielse) Dynamics in Biological Soft Materials . (Cohen) Site-Resolved Imaging with the Fermi Gas Microscope. (Greiner) Light-Shell Theory Foundations. For Writing! (Georgi) From Petrov-Einstein to Navier-Stokes. (Strominger) Engineered Potentials and Dynamics of Ultracold Quantum Gases under the Microscope. (Greiner)

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WILSON, ALYSSA MICHELLE. New Insights on application, Neural Circuit Refinement in construct a working for a, the Central Nervous System: Climbing Fiber Synapse Elimination in the Developing Mouse Cerebellum Studied with Serial-Section Scanning Electron Microscopy. (Lichtman/Samuel) Connect with us: Copyright 2017 The Presidents and ancient chinese art essay, Fellows of Harvard College.

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Bullying: Childhood Rite of Passage or Human Rights Abuse? You never outgrow the a working list effects of bullying** Children who are bullied could experience the effects long into adulthood, a recent study has shown. Art Essay? Conducted by a research team led by professor Dieter Wolke of the University of Warwick and William E Copeland of Duke University Medical Centre, the study assessed 1,420 participants four to six times between the reference research ages of 9 and application questions, 16 years and adult outcomes between 24-26 years of age. The results show that people who were bullied as children were twice as likely to have difficulty in keeping a job in adulthood, while many showed signs of a working list, having difficulty in forming social relationships. One group in particular – the bully-victims – so named because to identify people who turned to bullying after being bullied themselves, are allegedly the most vulnerable.

They are at greatest risk for chinese, health problems in adulthood, over six times more likely to construct reference list research paper, be diagnosed with a serious illness, smoke regularly, or develop a psychiatric disorder compared to those not involved in bullying. *Survey conducted by the Parents Teachers Association United Forum (PTAUF) in 150 schools in essay maker, Mumbai and Thane. To read the report visit: TARA RAO, DIRECTOR, HUMAN RIGHTS FOR EDUCATION PROGRAMME, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL INDIA. Tara tells us why bullying is more than just a childhood rite of passage. At its core, bullying is a human rights violation.

It takes away students’ rights to respect and dignity , and infringes on the basic human rights values of inclusion, participation and non-discrimination. Construct Reference List Paper? An act of bullying is a form of literary bergeron, violence, and can often have a serious impact on a child’s physical, mental, moral and social development. The social acceptance of bullying as a part of “growing up” exacerbates the construct a working list problem, with many believing it to be a means by which children can “toughen up” and prepare for adulthood. Bullying affects everyone - not only on i have a dream, youth who are bullied but also those who bully, those who witness bullying - even the whole school and community. With reportedly only 20-40 percent of children reporting occurrences of list for a research paper, bullying,* it is important for parents, teachers and the wider public to take a more active role in identifying and curbing the practice of bullying and nurture a rights respecting culture that rises above visible differences. We at Amnesty International India believe that integrating values of rhetorical analysis, human rights into education will help create a more inclusive environment – one that is based on equality, non-discrimination, dignity and respect. As places of reference list paper, learning, schools are fertile ground where the seeds of equality and justice can be sowed and nurtured to create a generation of citizens who uphold the values and mit sloan essay questions, principles of human rights.

* Survey conducted by the Parents Teachers Association United Forum (PTAUF) in 150 schools in Mumbai and Thane. ANIRBAN RAY AND DR. SHEKHAR SESHADRI, DEPARTMENT OF CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY, NIMHANS, BANGALORE. Dr. Shekhar Seshadri tells us about how bullying can affect a child, and how a ‘whole school approach’ is reference research paper, key to addressing the rhetorical analysis problem. Bullying is a form of systematic abuse of power—the commonest form of aggression in children. It can be defined as repetitive, aggressive behaviours intended to hurt another person physically and mentally where there is imbalance of power between perpetrator and victim.

It can be ‘direct’ such as physical, verbal, psychological, sexual even virtual(cyberbullying) or ‘indirect’ in the form of social aggression like spreading rumours, refusing to socialise with victim, bullying others who socialise with the target, criticising the victim’s dress or other socially significant markers. While weekly prevalence is said to be around 15-18%, according to American Psychological Association, life-time prevalence is 40-80% either as victims or perpetrators. Bullying seems to increase from elementary classes to high school years. Though in senior high school level, physical form tends to drop a bit. Bullying can result in serious consequences in young ones’ life and future.

Anxiety, lack of confidence, depression even suicide are not rare consequences in victims. While it was shown that a strong correlation exists between perpetrator role in construct a working reference list for a research, school-bullying and legal and 'criminal' troubles as adults, this bullying habit also negatively influences their ability to develop positive relationship in teaching for critical thinking d. brookfield, future. Since the time of Dan Olwens of Norway,(Olwens Bullying Prevention Program, Bergen, 1983) who is considered the father of the anti-bullying movement, there have been several bullying prevention programs throughout the world, with varying levels of success. These include the construct reference research Sheffiled Project in England, ‘SAVE model’ in teaching thinking d. brookfield, Spain, the Friendly School project in Australia, Expect Respect in USA, Donegal Primary Schools’ anti-bullying project in Ireland, etc. All such projects have some common elements like awareness of school community especially the teaching staff and list for a research paper, parents about the problem. Research For Writing? A carefully coordinated ‘Whole School’ approach may be the key for success. For this, a strict ‘anti-bullying policy’ of the school needs to be formulated and implemented.

These programs vary in many different aspects. Intervention strategy variation is the construct reference research most striking of these. It varies from non-punitive problem solving approaches like ‘No Blame’ approach where problem solving is left to students under supervision, or ‘Shared Concern Method’ for adolescents where mediation is done between victim and perpetrator groups through a trained mediator. On the other hand, various non-physical penalties, sanctions like withdrawal of privileges or in analysis harrison bergeron, extreme cases suspension from school are practised. In various cases, professional clinical help can also be sought both for perpetrators and victims. Victims can also be trained in assertiveness, social skills and construct list for a research, empowered to initiate the formation of friend circle or supportive peer group to develop resilience. Along with intervention, prevention strategies like positive classroom environment or curriculum work on bullying have also been tried. Prior training and commitment of teachers and principals in bully management, along with involvement of parents and community at large including media coverage has been found to be essential for photo essay, successful program implementation.

On further analysis, young children were found to construct for a research paper, be more responsive to an anti-bully programme than older ones. Girls exhibit more pro-social behaviours than boys in general, but instances of girl-bullying were found to be more difficult to essay maker, tackle. The awareness and approach of by-standing peers who provide contingency in bullying are also essential. We need more focused and dedicated approaches to do away with this silent menace. “Bullying in schools: how successful can interventions be?” Eds.

Peter K. Smith, Debra Pepler, and Ken Rigby, Cambrige University Press Rigby, K. Smith, P. K. (2011) Is school bullying really on the rise?, Social Psychology of Education. Available online at: ‘Bullying in School’ by Ron Banks Educational Resource Information Centre, U.S. department of Education Available Online Oliver, R., Hoover, J. H., Hazier, R. (1994). The perceived roles of bullying in small-town Midwestern schools. A Working Reference Research? JOURNAL OF COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT, 72 (4), 416-419. Chinese Art Essay? EJ 489 169. Olweus, D. (1993). A Working List For A Research Paper? BULLYING AT SCHOOL: WHAT WE KNOW AND WHAT WE CAN DO. Research? Cambridge, MA: Blackwell.

ED 384 437. We want to know what you think. Construct Reference List For A Paper? Complete the sentence below to share your thoughts. Bullying is mit sloan essay questions, a human rights abuse because. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. it crushes the innocence of a budding angel. It is a high. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. it crushes the innocence of a budding angel. It is a highly inhuman act and research, must be vehemently condemned. i have myself been a witness to this act in the school i am teaching . A brilliant girl student of class eight was badly abused by her own friends and teachers with perfect planning within the school premises . Analysis Essay? She is my daughter . I am deeply hurt and my daughter is now undergoing treatment of anorexia nervosa , a type of psychological disorder causing her to stay at home . There is a certain factor of reference paper, discrimination , extreme jealousy and frustration among the teaching staff as well as the students because myself and my daughters were excelling in our respective fields. My eldest daughter too has suffered terribly in the hands of conspiring teachers and students . The most astonishing aspect of art essay, this whole episode is that the management is a working reference paper, fully aware of the happenings and has been shielding the application essay questions concerned staff for reasons best known to a working reference for a research paper, them. Bullying should in no way be taken as making children stronger . Is is a highly misguided view that brings only application essay, harm to mental and physical health .Several cases just as my daughter's have been coming up in the school from time to time. It is indeed pathetic that very few parents speak out for reference list for a research, their children only resulting in hardening the already rude students and teachers . Questions? MY school requires extensive training and counselling so as to save the dignity of many young souls . Bullying is a human rights abuse because. it kills the inner voice of a child.

It rips the childre. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. it kills the inner voice of reference for a research, a child. Harrison Bergeron Essay? It rips the children of their self confidence and sometimes even self respect. The affected child has to construct a working list for a paper, suffer both mentally as well as physically. The child has chances of going into depression which further can lead to different health problems. It is a well known proverb that Prevention is better than cure. So to prevent bullying we need to spread awareness on the issue. It is easy to questions, spread awareness but difficult to treat health problems. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. a growing child is construct reference for a, like a flower bud.

Tiniest of the tiny. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. a growing child is like a flower bud. Tiniest of the tiny use of force can affect its growth, adversely. And the literary harrison bergeron essay so-called character-building as Bullying defenders say.. is not worth it. Every child has a right to grow in a free and fair environment. Where the mind is without fear a. Every child has a right to grow in a free and fair environment. Where the a working list mind is without fear and photo essay maker, the head is reference list, held high. Bullying is a curse for the victim child as it stunts his mental and essay, social growth.A bullied child develops in himself a very low self-esteem and is driven into a shell of inferiority complex which retards his process of growing up into construct list research a complete individual.He is rhetorical a dream, devoid of courage to face the challenges of professional and personal life and construct a working, is tagged as a failure.Sometimes he goes to the extreme extent of detachment from maker family and society and a working reference for a research, fall into essay the deadly dark dungeon of alcoholism and drug addiction and brings doom and reference list for a, destruction for himself.So a bully commits a serious crime striking cruel wounds and obstructing the process of a normal and a natural and a humane development of an individual.How can we expect a flower to bloom when it is nipped at the bud. Bullying is a mental and photo maker, physical abuse which paralyses all progressive endevours of the victim.Let us make strict rules and laws in school against bullying.The teachers and counsellors in schools must create and awareness amongst students criticizing this act of bullying and instilling in construct list for a research, them the values of truth,love,peace,compassion and brotherhood which would pave the essay on i way to create a happier world where every heart aspires for the well being of a working paper, others. Photo Essay Maker? sarve bhavantu shukhina. sarve santoo niramaya.

Bullying is a human rights abuse because. it will reduce the mind level and such abuse will chang. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. it will reduce the mind level and construct research, such abuse will change the for critical stephen mind setting of the children and we stop bullying them, and instead we should ignite the mind to focus well in construct a working reference list for a research, their education society they live in make them to application questions, adaptable to live in such social structure. Children are the future of a nation and they are pillars of the social structure so they should be moulded in a good way to paper, be a good , well learned , refined and highly civilised citizen who will bring peace progress prosperity for themselves and also to the entire society they are living in. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. IT CAUSES DEPRESSION AND CHILD FEELS HUMILIATION BY WHICH. Bullying is a human rights abuse because. IT CAUSES DEPRESSION AND CHILD FEELS HUMILIATION BY WHICH HE HAS INFERIORITY COMPLEX ,THIS CAUSES A VERY BAD EFFECT ON OVERALL DEVELOPMENT OF A CHILD AND HE CAN NOT COMPETE WITH OTHERS TO ACHIEVE GOALS IN LIFE. 10 global human rights principles. A Human Rights Friendly School is mit sloan, rooted in construct a working reference for a, 10 principles which are derived from international human rights standards, norms instruments, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). These principle strengthen the application essay thoughts and actions of every member of the school community. They are the foundation for the four key areas of school life: Curriculum, Relationships, Environment and list, Governance.

4 areas of rhetorical analysis on i a dream, school life: the construct reference research domains. For a school to become. human rights friendly, the 10 Global Human Rights Principles need to be wholly integrated into every aspect of school life: Curriculum, Relationships, Environment and Governance . These areas are not separate, rather they are continuously overlapping. and co-dependent. The team at. Amnesty International is excited about helping every school to for critical stephen, create domains of change within these four areas of school life. We are facilitators. There is no one road that leads to a working reference list paper, a human rights friendly school.

Neither is essay, there a fixed time frame to construct for a paper, get there. The journey towards human rights friendliness is charted by you, based on your school's vision, and the current needs and challenges of your school community. We are here to essay, help you design that unique route and guide you as you along the way. Since no one knows your school like you do, we help support and implement the plan you make. The Team Tara Rao Krittika Vishwanath Inka Dama Somya Ankita Amnesty International Amnesty International India We are passionate about human rights education and believe that a human rights approach to education can bring about meaningful change.

That's why we're so excited to construct list for a, be part of the Amnesty International Human Rights for research for writing, Education Programme. But to call this initiative a programme is in many ways diminishing its scope and impact. We truly believe that we are together seeding a global movement. One that will start with schools and work it's way outward to change communities and in good time, create a rights respecting world. We are delighted to be facilitators for such amazing possibilities. Leads the construct a working Human Rights for Education team in teaching thinking stephen, developing the Human Rights Education Programme with schools communities, resource networks and the wider public | BA in Architecture before joining the development sector | MA in Gender and a management degree | Previously worked as Senior Policy Advisor Global Climate and Energy Team for WWF | Lead author of Building an Equitable Green Economy, commissioned as a contribution to the Rio+20 Environment and Development Conference | Previously worked for construct a working for a, various development bi-lateral and multi-lateral organisations - researching, assessing, evaluating and training | Enjoys playing tennis, singing/music and doing intricate jigsaw puzzles. Supports schools to integrate human rights education into school life | MA Sociology, MA Elementary Education (currently pursuing) | Previously a teacher-educator for essay, government school teachers across Karnataka covering areas of social studies, teacher professional development and integrating technology into reference research paper education | Also worked with youth groups on urban governance, youth participation and climate change | Passionate about rhetorical analysis on i have a dream, travel and food. Works on all communication and media-related aspects of the Human Rights for Education programme | BA in Economics and Commerce PG Diploma in Social Communications Media| Previously worked in construct a working reference list for a research paper, advertising and communications, and as a copywriter with Ambience Publicis Advertising | Volunteered as junior communications officer with Pax Christi International in ancient chinese, Brussels worked with CRY - Child Rights and You | Loves music and food (in no particular order)

Somya is programme officer with Amnesty International India. She holds a Master’s degree in social work from the University of reference list paper, Delhi. Her previous work experience with several National and application essay questions, International organizations has strengthened her belief that children can be change makers if they are empowered. She directly works with students, teachers, schools and NGO partners across the country as part of the HRE programme. She comes to work so that she can go back to school and watch children become change makers. Coordinates internal communication, documentation, and monitoring and evaluation of a working list for a paper, HRE’s work in schools | Also conducts training for Telecalling and Face to face teams in Bangalore and Chennai | BA in Journalism from Delhi University | MA in ancient chinese, Social Work | Previously worked for a skill development organization | Experience in working with children in juvenile homes/ youth in observation homes | Theatre enthusiast, trekker and music lover. Amnesty International is a global movement with three million members that has campaigned for justice, freedom, truth and dignity for the past five decades. In recognition of its work and accomplishments, Amnesty International was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1978. Amnesty International India focuses on creating a rights respecting society in reference list for a paper, India. Drawing on Amnesty International's 50+ years of experience as a global campaigning movement, Amnesty International India is led and funded by people in India, directed by their dreams and aspirations. We work in for critical thinking stephen d. brookfield, two broad areas within the human rights spectrum - building awareness and catalysing action on key human rights issues and violations, and providing much-needed commitment to human rights education and awareness.

Amnesty International in India. 1074/B-1, First Floor, 11th Main, HAL 2nd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560 008.

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Strategic Career Choices And (Yawn) Cover Letters. Ed. note : This is the latest post by Anonymous Recruitment Director, who will offer an insider#8217;s perspective on reference list research the world of law firm hiring. Following the publication of for critical thinking stephen, my initial column, I received scores of emails from polite job-seekers with specific questions about their current employment situations. While I am not able to reply to all of the notes, I can offer some guidance to assist the majority of these job-seekers. Insider tip: Biglaw firms tend to avoid hiring candidates who have strayed off of the traditional path to construct a working list for a paper Biglaw firm employment. Such “rogue” candidates make the recruitment committee nervous, and any candidate who makes the committee nervous will not be advanced in the process. If you want to research for writing work in Biglaw, get a job in a working for a research, Biglaw during your 2L summer. If this is not possible (because you did not land a job in Biglaw or you have already graduated), get a job at a small- or medium-sized private firm in the exact practice area that you hope to analysis harrison work in when you make the jump after a few years to construct a working reference list for a research paper Biglaw. Clerkships are fine, but law firm experience in your desired practice area is the ideal.

Also, of great importance, you MUST do well in questions, all courses related to your practice area of choice. If you received a C in Securities Regulation, it will be a hard sell to list for a paper land a job as a securities lawyer at a large firm. Literary Analysis Harrison Essay! What are some other factors that will make the construct for a research recruitment committee uncomfortable? Post-law-school advanced degrees in non-law-related subjects, joint law degrees in subjects that are not directly relevant to your practice area of choice, public interest law jobs, and periods of unemployment are troublesome. They make the candidate seem unfocused or flaky or, worse still, not competitive. Photo Essay Maker! In other words, identify your desired practice area and get experience in construct a working research paper, that area, at a firm of research for writing, any size, even if you need to work for construct a working list paper free for a period of time. Any other career choices give the hiring committee a reason to doubt your focus and, as such, you will not be given serious consideration. I appreciate that there are plenty of for critical thinking stephen, new attorneys who are not able to a working reference for a research get experience in their desired practice area.

This advice may be controversial, but I recommend that if this is the case, and rhetorical analysis on i if you aspire to work in Biglaw, you must select a different practice area to pursue (namely, one that is available to construct reference for a you early in your career). Biglaw partners love to believe that litigators have wanted to teaching for critical stephen litigate since childhood; they do not respond well to candidates who, after three years as a patent attorney, decide that they now wish to do litigation (unless it is list for a paper, patent-related litigation). In other words, partners are suspicious of anyone who does not start down one path and remain on thinking said path. That’s what they all (allegedly) did, after all; and, as discussed last time, partners like people who are just like them. A Working Paper! While this advice may seem rigid, please consider the matter from the literary analysis harrison bergeron essay vantage point of the recruitment committee. A Working List For A! Here is a sampling of the cover letters that we receive: 1. “I am extraordinary and ancient art essay the reason that I received a C- average in construct a working research, law school is that I was the primary caregiver to my ailing (mother/father/spouse/child) during law school and he/she had six near death experiences, each of which corresponded with an questions, examination period; and, as such, I encourage you to ignore the fact that to construct reference list research date I have not evidenced any ability to excel in the law and hire me regardless.” (the bullsh** applicant) (yes, ladies and gentlemen, after seeing hundreds of these letters over the years, I now assume that they are all bulls**t); 2. “I have no particular interests and, instead, I wish to apply to any opening that you might have at the firm at this time, whether it be in application, international arbitration, structured finance, employment law, etc. I love the law SO MUCH that I will do anything that is on offer.” (the unfocused applicant); 3. “I do not really want you to construct a working reference list paper consider me for teaching for critical thinking d. brookfield a job because I have so many options that I am overwhelmed. Reference List! At this time, I am really trying to decide how I will share my legal genius with the world, and, if you want to get on this bandwagon early, which I strongly advise, let me know what you can offer me and when (hypothetically, of course) you would want me to start.” (the d-bag applicant); and.

4. “I am writing to express my interest in photo, the position of 4th year tax associate that is detailed on your firm’s website. A Working Research Paper! I am currently a tax associate at [firm] with four years of for critical thinking, experience undertaking the following types of [tax-related] matters:…” (the viable applicant). Only the fourth applicant will get put forward to the hiring committee members. Why? Because, unlike the reference research paper other applicants, he or she is building a case for him or herself to be hired for an identifiable role; he or she is in effect arguing that the for critical d. brookfield job opening should belong to them. This individual has convincing support for construct a working reference for a research his or her argument.

While on the subject of cover letters, I advise that you write a cover letter, two paragraphs at most, that details who you are, what exactly you want, and why you are a smart hire (if you cannot explain why you are a smart hire for this particular job, and/or if you cannot do so succinctly, you should not be applying for chinese art essay this position). A letter longer than two paragraphs will not be read. Construct A Working! Those applicants sending a letter of interest for a summer associate position can write an even shorter letter. Essay! We understand why you are applying and that, at this stage of your legal career, your interests are not fully refined. The cover letter is in many respects a formality. List Research Paper! No one has ever been hired because he or she wrote an amazing cover letter. Ancient Chinese! Many people have been rejected because they submitted a poorly written cover letter. The truth is that the cover letter may not be read until an applicant is construct a working reference list for a, sitting in front of his or her interviewer.

In recruitment, we have a tendency to scan resumes first, and then, if interested, we review brief cover letters to make sure that there are no red flags. As such, as I will address in the next column, you should focus far more effort on analysis essay your resume. You are an attorney (or soon to be one). In your cover letter, please be clear, be concise, and be convincing. Argue your own case. Construct A Working For A Paper! Anonymous Recruitment Director is the head of recruitment for a leading international firm and has 20 years of application questions, law firm recruitment experience. Construct A Working Reference For A Research! Anonymous NYC Recruitment Director can be reached at (please note that job applications sent to this email address will be deleted!). These findings just might force lawyers to essay on i reexamine how they think about the business of law. These findings just might force lawyers to reexamine how they think about the business of construct a working reference, law. Trusts Estates Associate Needed In Prominent Denver Firm.

Trusts Estates Associate Needed In Prominent Denver Firm. Mit Sloan Essay Questions! Sign up for our newsletter. The Ugliest Law Schools In America. Construct Reference List For A Paper! How Consultants Recommend Cutting Legal Bills. Senior Attorney Fired For Cruel Commentary On Las Vegas Shooting. Law Firm Partners Face 20+ Years In Prison On Bribery, Wire Fraud And Other Charges.

The Trump Administration Seeks To Rip The Heart Out Of Labor And Employment Law. For Critical Stephen! Woman Abandons Law Degree To Become Porn Star. The Freestanding Law Schools With The Highest Student Loan Default Rates. WilmerHale And The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Of Leaking Client Whistleblower Docs To The WSJ. How Do Criminal Defense Attorneys Sleep At Night After Getting Killers Out Of Jail? Lawyers Aren#8217;t Necessarily Good Managers#8230; So Why Do We Let Them Manage Firms? What’s Up With All The New York Mid-Market Lateral Moves? What Were You Thinking?

Equifax GC Probed For Executive Stock Sales Before Public Learned Of Breach. (hidden for your protection) comments sponsored by. Subscribe and a working list get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. Breaking Media Editor at Large. Sign up for our newsletter. Chinese Art Essay! 2017 Breaking Media, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Free Essays on Entertainment Topics. Resources Workshops Improsolutions Shop cat-right Public Speaking Tips: What Is an Entertainment Speech? Posted by admin on Jul 29, 2013 in Articles | 0 comments entertainment speech Entertainment speeches are suitable for special events and ceremonies. Their goal is to entertain the audience. Our topic for research is about “Level of Appreciation of Filipino Teenagers between Foreign Entertainment and Local Entertainment in terms of Television Shows.” Nowadays, people have different ways of entertaining themselves. Entertainment consists of construct reference list for a, any activity affording pleasure, diversion, or amusement. Computer Role in Entertainment the Arts How will my leisure activities be affected by information technology? Information technology is being used for all kinds of entertainment , ranging from rhetorical essay on i a dream, video games to construct a working list for a paper telegambling. It is also being used in rhetorical analysis essay on i a dream the arts, from painting to photography.

Let's. Entertainment Essay Entertainment is a powerful tool that can be both detrimental and beneficial to society; it can corrupt the human mind as well as the body, but under the correct circumstances it can bring out the best in individuals, allowing society to flourish. The fact of the a working reference for a research paper, matter however. Are you looking for ancient art essay, inspiration for an essay topic ? Find ready-made lists of topics to choose from, or learn to narrow your focus and pinpoint a topic of your own. 50 Narrative Essay Topics Struggling to find a topic for a narrative essay? Narrative essays should reveal something about you, your life. 'Do you think internet pirates should be labelled as criminals?'

Piracy has become a world-wide issue due to the high number of demands in regards to entertainment , the availability and having the luxury to download content illegally. Online piracy has become a largely debated topic arguing if it is wrong to do it, and should offenders be considered criminals? Today. express my feeling about certain topics and reference list for a how I can conduct research to explore more details on the topic . Photo Essay? I will start by exploring various topics that I am passionate about, although the topics are not necessarily related to each other. Of significance is that the topic I will select may not relate to. for television is a working reference list paper a telecommunication device used to transmit moving visual media. It became popular in the mid-twentieth century as a medium for entertainment . Television may also refer to the physical device. Televisions are used to view various subscription based programming, movies (via an additional. Social Media is ruining our Lives. their audience.

For example, Facebook allow users to build up a personal profile and post their information on it. Ancient? In addition, they can find some entertainment function, Games app supply thousands of games. Many researches begin to focus their attention on the relationship between Facebook and its audiences. COURSE SCHOLARLY PAPER Choose a topic related to this subject area and a working reference for a paper write a scholarly paper in no less than 1500 words (excluding the research for writing, title page, bibliography and construct a working list appendices). Chinese Art Essay? When writing your research paper, please note the construct, following guidelines: z Please e-mail your professor an outline and. fully|Writing has few spelling errors | |(4 points) |Purpose of the writing task is clear |develop the topic |Writing has few punctuation errors | |Proficient |Addresses 5 of the 6 questions throughout the writing. distortion of reality and questions flat out lies do not always come with a disclaimer stating “this is an electronic signal you are observing created for your entertainment ”, nor do reality shows or newscasts which might state opinions of others. Construct Reference List Research? In the paragraphs to come we shall explain how television affects society. Asia Pacific In-Car Entertainment System Market Growth and Trends 2014 – 2020: Report. Pacific In-Car Entertainment System Market Share, Trends, Analysis, Research, Report, Opportunities, Segmentation and Forecast, 2014 Future Market Insights Report Description Report Description In-car entertainment (ICE) systems. be in order of topics you will prepare first or the topics in chinese order of their importance or in the order the topics were covered in the class.

3. 3 The real business starts now. Study the construct for a, topic first by quickly going through the whole text. Now you have the main idea of the topic or the subject. starts with a topic sentence. This contains the main idea or argument of the paragraph. It is followed by a few illustrations or examples that support it. In the ancient art essay, case of your essay on city life, the topic sentences in the body of the essay will cover the points in the table above. A Working List For A Research? Write topic sentences. Economic Guide to Ticket Pricing in the Entertainment Industry.

An economic guide to ticket pricing in the entertainment industry Pascal Courty? Department of Economics London Business School Introduction Ticket markets raise a large variety of pricing questions that are of substantial interest for research, theoretical economists. They also o?er a unique laboratory experiment. step in your planning is coming up with an a working reference idea or a topic that you can write on. For Writing? To make it easy on yourself, you should pick a topic that interests you or that you have lots of prior knowledge about. In the reference list for a paper, box below brainstorm 10 different topics that range from pastimes (such as snowmobiling), to. ======== 101 Ideas for Great Table Topics ======== Compiled by Mark LaVergne, DTM, Past International Director of Toastmasters International Phone: 718-457-8390; Email: Address: 38-11 Ditmars Boulevard, Astoria, NY 11105 Updated: May 2006 – Background and Acknowledgements on Page. Trashy to analysis on i a dream classy In the a working list for a, world of entertainment , television talk shows have undoubtedly flooded every inch of space on daytime television. Many of research for writing, us have seen and heard the often recycled topics found on such veteran shows as Maury Povich and Geraldo. Anyone who watches talk shows on a regular basis. are all discussed in construct a working greater depth on the backside of this page.

In talking about your view of this movie, it is critical to keep in mind that entertainment value is important, but not the key criteria. While a boring movie might not keep your attention, a movie rife with false details does not teach. specifically, you will be arguing issues related to ancient entertainment ; for essay 3, you may choose any topic related to the entertainment industry or social entertainment in general, so long as it is a focused subject that is open to debate. Possible topics might include issues related to construct reference list research paper movies, television. 1636-1784. In Chapter One, Thelin (2011) described the chinese, influences of several topics and issues in higher education during the Colonial era. Choose a historical, political, ethical and/or economic issue under one of the following topics : § Governance and structure § College finances § Religion and. PESREL analysis of a working list for a, entertainment and media industry. ?Introduction The Entertainment and Media industry is a constantly evolving group, with prospects in analysis essay on i have a dream certain subsectors being much better than in list research others.

Revenue trends in certain core segments, including broadcast television and radio, tend to vary with consumers' and ancient art essay advertisers' preferences towards. HUM 176 Week 6 Games and construct a working list for a research Entertainment Videos Effects of Violence. HUM 176 Week 6 Games and Entertainment Videos Effects of Violence Get Tutorial by teaching for critical stephen d. brookfield Clicking on the link below or Copy Paste Link in Your Browser entertainment -videos-effects-violence/ For More Courses and Exams use this form ( http://hwguiders. “a Film Has One Purpose - to Entertain.” Using Examples, Consider This View. film has one purpose - to entertain.” Using examples, consider this view. It is sometimes true that a film has one purpose - to entertain. While entertainment should not be the dominant purpose of a film, unfortunately, in reality, films tend to lean towards the mentioned intent. A film which is defined. person in history, specifically in the areas of politics, military, science, religion or entertainment . You must have 1 visual aids and will prepare an outline, which may be made using Inspiration on construct a working reference research, your topic . The breakdown of the speech is as follows: • Single-spaced outline in correct form. premium customers enjoy complimentary chauffeur drive service, dedicated lounge facilities at questions major hub airports worldwide, and unmatched inflight entertainment and service onboard a young and modern fleet.

The new Business Class seats we are introducing on our Boeing fleet, together with our flat-bed 'SkyCruiser'. One way to construct a working for a research paper pick topics for public speaking for teens is to mit sloan essay questions choose something they are interested in. if they like dragons, maybe pick a topic about fantasy things. If they like computers, maybe pick a topic about social media. A Working Reference List For A Research? 1 Additional Answer Public Speaking Topics for Teens You've been. cause apathy is research our society's orientation toward entertainment . We have become a nation of observers watching with increasing enthusiasm as the sensationalism of the show intensifies. Presidential debates have even become an integral part of the entertainment industry. If there are no fireworks, no Jerry. ?2014-2015 KS3 Topic and construct a working reference list for a research Assessment Rotas Throughout KS3 pupils complete regular assessments based on the topics they study (see below for list of topics covered in teaching thinking d. brookfield each year). The data from construct a working list for a research, assessments provides useful information on how pupils are progressing. Along with classwork and literary homework. thinner stockings, one shorter skirt, two lipsticks, three powder puffs, 132 cigarettes, and three boyfriends, with eight flasks between them.

Entertainment was a huge part of life in the 20s, Jazz, Ragtime and Broadway musicals all became popular. By the mid-1920s, jazz was being played in dance halls. Persuasive Essay - Ipads in construct a working reference list for a research paper School. attractive mode of media delivery. The entertainment industry understands this and has geared their delivery systems to essay the computer. Construct List Paper? The education establishment is lagging behind. The result is essay maker that education is not being delivered in construct a working reference list as efficient as entertainment is.

The end result is that students will. TOPIC : A Descriptive Study on the Preference of Filipino Teenagers in mit sloan Choosing Music: OPM / Foreign STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: The main problem of the study is to for a paper determine the literary essay, preference of a working reference list for a paper, Filipino teenagers (16-18 years old) in choosing music between Original Pilipino Music and Foreign Music. . away certain aspects of life that everyone should experience such as blocking ideas, opinions, and religious aspects. Maker? These are things missed in entertainment industries such in music, movies, internet and other Medias. Construct For A Research? School education is affected and for that students miss out learning certain things. arguments: global village, intensified characteristics of print, or more democratic world) Did electric comm free comm. from transportation? * Webwise topics cyberbullying, role of social media, media convergence (I was going to outline this today--See my comments at the end of this note. You know. generation, a huge population increased following World War II, creating a new segment of analysis bergeron, youth searching for construct a working for a research paper, new entertainment (Rock and Roll). Music of the 1960s was the new entertainment for the baby boom generation and impacted America by: starting new trends in genres of application, music, opening diversity of. M, S.P., ECO, B.K.) Format of the Project Project Presentation 1) Introduction Introduction to be written with the reference to the subject ( Topic ) of the project.

2) Aims and a working list Objectives Aims and essay objectives should be started as ? To know………… ? To understand……….. ? To get detailed information……… . read it for enjoyment. The magazine is a lot more light-hearted than the daily newspaper that millions read everyday; it is construct a working reference list research more geared towards entertainment and teaching stephen d. brookfield articles that are just as important, but not breaking news. The New York Times Magazine is bias in a sense where it sways more toward democratic. A High School Diploma Is Important to My Futur.E. sentences that answer the following question: A.) What sentence is the construct reference research, topic sentence of the paragraph? A trip to the ocean can be a relaxing escape from the everyday pressures of life. Mit Sloan Application Essay? B.) What sentence is construct reference list research paper unrelated to the topic and rhetorical analysis have can be eliminated? You should always be careful to avoid overexposure. EDU 657 Week 3 Higher Education, 1880-1920 Business - General Business Higher Education, 1880-1920. For this assignment you will explore several topics about the Age of construct reference list paper, University Building and the “Golden Age” of colleges. Using the chinese, free website Timeglider ( or Microsoft.

enables students to reach well beyond the physical confines of their classrooms and construct a working for a paper gain access to virtually unlimited quantities of information on the topics or events they are discussing in their classrooms. The use of the literary harrison bergeron essay, Internet for school assignments also encourages students to give free rein to for a their. are not only provided me with entertainment but also helped set as an research for writing example of how to collect folklore and construct research how to analyze them precisely. The way in which the author interpret every folklore mentioned, provides us with new tools and a new outlook in teaching d. brookfield approaching the topic of analyzing folklore. For example. Alameda where my day of work would begin. Construct Reference List Research? Seven pages in its entirety it carried me all the research, way to Alameda where it provided me with a conversation topic as a coworker and I met disembarking the a working reference list research paper, train. Carrying on photo, a conversation that ranged from world events to our spouses we arrived, where we went. ? Topic : Classify types of sports that young people like to play in their leisure time. Sport is an exercise to improve physical fitness by joining various. Here is a kind of entertainment that young people like to play in their leisure time.

There are so many types of sports but they can be classified. Entertainment Essay: You Will Have a Real Fun Writing It Having fun is always regarded as the major aim of young people. Of course,this is not so, though entertainments is an indispensible part of your people’slives. Construct A Working List Research? It is unknown who was the rhetorical analysis on i a dream, first one to a working list research paper introduce such kind of academicwriting as . Entertainment -based magazine must first of all be able to interest, amuse and most importantly please the reader. Most people who reads entertainment -based magazine are working executive and people who always wants to application essay be kept updated about the latest trends.

Thus, it is very important for entertainment-based. partial fulfillment of the requirements of master in communication studies (M.Cm.S) programme conducted by department. Construct Reference Research Paper? I have guided him on various topics and methods during this project. Pune- 411007 November 2, 2009 Research guide 2 TABLE OF CONTENTS SR NO 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 CHAPTERS. EDU 657 ASH Course Tutorial / edu657dotcom. EDU 657 Week 6 Final Paper Business - General Business Higher Education, 2000-Present In this course, we have examined various topics about the reconfiguration of American Higher Education from 1673 to the present. After watching the short video Complex Change in Higher Education. become a Lyrist?

I want to become a Lyricist because I have a passion for creating a song that has a deep meaning to it and not just a bunch of random topics . I want to change the stereotype that musical artist are unintelligent. What is a Lyricist? My definition of mit sloan application essay questions, a lyricist is an emcee with a broad. Evs project information and topics. project and a working list for a research Journal assignment. The instructions regarding it are as follows:Part A: E.V.S. Project 1. 2. Essay? 3. 4. Construct A Working List For A Research Paper? 5. Photo Essay Maker? 6. 7. 8. Construct A Working List Paper? 9. 10. E.V.S. Essay Maker? Project Topics Modifications in your village/city over construct a working reference research last two generations.

Management of solid waste in our city. Value of several factors (other than income) in. Entertainment Essay Tatiana Ramos This first year of high school has gone by stephen flying! I still can’t believe the school year is almost over. This freshman year I met six incredible people they were my teachers. Each one of them has taught me something new throughout the year. Construct Reference List Research Paper? It went from. seem familiar cheesy. In reality television characters are not fully controlled by those making the television show. Perhaps the more unscripted entertainment created in reality television prompts more enjoyment from viewers.

It could be that viewers have grown tired of worn and recycled stories and ideas. minutes to express their thoughts on analysis essay on i have, the given topic . In some cases the topics are given by the Interviewer itself and in some cases he’s asking to choose the candidate his own topic . I was able to gather some JAM Topics for you . Here are they:JAM Topics : Indian Education (Vs) Foreign Education Which. your math anxiety. The service includes: Topics : Topics are broken down into essential, manageable pieces of mathematical information. As you work through these topics , you’ll probably be surprised at how much math you already know. Animated Lessons: Some topics include animations that illustrate mathematical. Gambling Legalizing gambling in a working reference research Texas has been a controversial topic for many years now and I support the legalization of gambling in Texas, although I acknowledge the negative aspects it could bring to our great state. My attention in writing this paper is to discuss the advantages and disadvantages. unemployment increase at an alarming rate?

David Bowen of the interdisciplinary division made a great point of this in his 94’ report on a related topic “First, here is how technology can reduce employment in a given industry. Literary Analysis Harrison Bergeron Essay? One of the quantities that economists talk about is labor productivity.. patterns clearly illustrate that entertainment utilizes the most noticeable percentage of her everyday life. Construct Reference? The inventory of artifacts the author accumulates consists of three prominent themes: entertainment , modern comforts, and toiletries. The most popular entertainment items in the inventory are. Is Society Becoming Less Violent Analysis. March 26, 2014 Reading Response #10 In America Now: Is Society Becoming Less Violent?

They talk about violence in the world. Maker? There's two sides to the topic the is it declining? and is it increasing?. Both arguments are based upon the statistics and for a paper studies of Steven Pinker. Pinker claims that violence. defined by religion, was the research for writing, defining factor in how people lived their lives from day to day. People rarely travelled and didn’t have many forms of entertainment , but in construct a working reference list for a paper the Twenties all of this began to change. It all started with the application questions, end of construct a working reference list, World War One.

Soldiers were returning from the war with cash. Compare Areas of Growth of Decline in the Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Classification of Business Activity. of the UK High street retailers, industry: new media, entertainment , games, electronic goods . The one of major part of tertiary sector are retailers. It would appear that this is application essay questions strong and successful business, especially suppliers entertainment , video games and electronic equipment. Construct Reference List Research? However, in the.

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essay irkutsk “Irkutsk has many events to remember and gives much from its own history to the descendants…” “…As England created London, France- Paris, Siberia created Irkutsk. Siberia is construct reference for a proud of Irkutsk, and “not see this city” means “not to see Siberia”. “Irkutsk is a historical city”. It plays a remarkable role in the history of Russia and in our days history, it is not accidentally ascribed to research, the city-museums, because it preserves a lot of old buildings, romantic look of non-fussy dignified construction, shine of church cupolas over blue boiling of Angara. Its streets – as a cut of time, where you can see the layers of the past centuries, changing each other”. M.Sergeev, city worshiper and a friend, Honorary citizen, famous writer and construct reference research paper a poet, started his story about Irkutsk in his book “Irkutsk” with these words. The “ostrog” – a wooden fortress was founded in 1661 by Yakov Pohabov Cossacks on the place of the junction of two rivers: impetuous Angara and gratified Irkut. The city took its name after the river.

In 1675 the first ambassador Nikolai Spafarii was passing through the research for writing city to a working reference list research, China. Rhetorical Analysis Essay A Dream. That is construct a working list paper what he wrote in his notes: “Irkutsk “ostrog” is very good as the construction, there are more than 40 Cossacks yards, the place is very profitable”. For Critical. Picturesque Siberian spaces, blessed earth, forests and rivers, the proximity to the places of Siberian peoples inhabitance– Buryats, Evenks and others contributed to the fast development of Irkutsk fortress. In 1682 it became the center of a working reference research paper, a regional unit, in essay, the same year the first voevoda (military chief) Ivan Vlasiev came here from Moscow. In 1686 Irkutsk received the city status, and some years later it got its city coat of arms . By the end of the construct reference research XVII century Irkutsk was a small town, the monasteries were being built, the suburbs and agricultural settlements were being formed. Since the XVIII century in Irkutsk the trades and crafts began to develop, the golden and silver craftsmen, smiths appeared. In relation with the expansion of Russian state to the East from Irkutsk, the city became a capital of enormous territories from the Enisey to the Pacific, it played an important role in essay, the exploration and securing vast Eastern-Siberian and Far-Eastern territories to Russia. Gradually Irkutsk gained more meaning as the main transportation and a working reference for a research trade center of analysis bergeron essay, Eastern Siberia, it became a center of trade routes from Kamchatka, Chukotka to construct a working list for a research paper, Yakutia, Mongolia, and teaching thinking stephen d. brookfield China. The administrative meaning of the city increased: it became a center of one fifth of the provinces of construct reference research, Siberia; in teaching, 1764 it became a center of independent province.

The XVIII century, in the history of construct a working reference list for a research paper, Irkutsk, was a century of the research expeditions. In Irkutsk first and second expeditions of Vitus Bering to rhetorical, the shores of Kamchatka were organized. The merchant class formed in a city. Construct List Paper. In the second half of the art essay XVIII century Irkutsk industrial and merchant companies of Golikov, Trapeznikov, Bechevin, Milinikov, Sibirakov began to explore the Aleutian Islands and later Alaska. In 1799 the merchant companies were united in Russian- American company “for the trades on the territory of the Aleutian and Kuril islands and the rest part of North-Eastern sea, belonging to construct a working reference list for a, Russia by the right of discovery.” Grigorii Ivanovich Shelikhov, an outstanding seafarer, played an important role in mastering enormous spaces of research for writing, northern part of Pacific ocean. He was called “Russian Columbus”, he founded first colonies of Russian America.

In 1727 the construct a working list for a paper Irkutsk Eparchy was founded. During the XVIII century educational school, professional-technical education, science, museums, library, theater, book-printing were developed in Irkutsk. Educational and cultural organizations were opened. In 1725 first school in Eastern Siberia, attached to Voznesenskii monastery, was opened, in 1754 – sea (navigation) school and secondary schools were opened. The 1780s were marked by the opening of the second public library among province towns in Russia, regional museum and an amateur theater. In Irkutsk outstanding representatives appeared, still remembered by stephen, the people.

These were an architect, geographer, historian A.I.Losev, a writer I.T.Kalashnikov, a teacher S.S.Schukin. Siberian science was created. A.G.Laxman, Lomonosov’s apprentice, one of the first Siberian mineralogist, worked in Irkutsk. The city landscape was changing. The Spassky church, the oldest stone building of a working reference research, Eastern Siberia, unique Krestovozdvizhenskaya church, “Prikaznaya izba” (order house), first stone construction, and the Triumph gate were built. In the late XVIII century – the rhetorical analysis on i have early XIX century Irkutsk was gradually increasing its meaning as a trade, craft, cultural city. A Working For A. It became the center of trade with China and since 1830-ths – a gold-manufacturing center of Eastern Siberia and. In 1803 Irkutsk became a center of Siberian general-governor unit, and in 1822 it became a center of Eastern Siberian general – governor unit. Ancient Art Essay. General- governors of Eastern Siberia influenced on the city fate greatly.

Irkutsk merchants explored the Eniseisky and Leno-Vitimskii golden regions, they substantially increased their capitals, they became the richest merchants in construct a working reference for a paper, Siberia. Irkutsk merchant class began to play remarkable role in mit sloan essay, a city development. Construct Reference List For A. Intensive city construction was being undertaken. Private residences, hospitals, orphanages, educational schools were built, significant funds were spent on education and the development of science. For example, the for critical thinking d. brookfield Maiden institute buildings (1861), educational houses, done in the Roman style, professional school were built.

An architectural look of the a working for a paper city was being changed. The White House, done in Russian classic style, Moscow Triumphal Gates – outstanding monument of the XIX century, were built in photo maker, the honor of the 10 th anniversary since the day of the beginning of Alexander I rule. In the second half of the XIX century the book printing appeared in Irkutsk, first newspapers “Irkutsk province news”, “Amur” were released. The names of A.P.Schapov, M.B.Zagoskin, V.I.Vagin were connected with the construct list for a research paper newspaper “Siberia”. For Writing. In 1851 first scientific organization of Eastern Siberia – the Siberian branch of Russian geographical society, was opened. In 1877 it was called Eastern-Siberian branch. V.I.Dybovskii, A.L.Chekanovskii, I.D.Cherskii, V.A.Obruchev, a geologist, geographer and researcher of construct a working reference paper, Siberia, worked in Irkutsk on exploring Baikal and Lena. The 1879 summer could be considered to bergeron, be a dramatic period in city history. Construct List For A Research. In the 22-24 th of July fire of the almost all central part of the city was burnt, more than the two thirds of city constructions and essay 75 city districts were destroyed. The city began to revive, getting a new look. Stone and wooden constructions built after the fire have been preserved up to present days.

The arrival of the first train via the a working list Trans Siberian main line to Irkutsk in 1898 could be marked as the most remarkable event in the late XIX century. The construction of Great Siberian main line contributed to the further city development. The lives of the politically exiled were connected with Irkutsk city. First exiled, who lived in research for writing, Irkutsk for construct a working list paper more than 3 months, was A.N. Radischev. Chinese Art Essay. Since the construct a working 1830s the analysis essay on i Decembrists lived in settlements and in the colonies near Irkutsk. A Working Reference List For A. Volkonskii and Trubetskoy’ houses became house-museums at the present time. N.A.Panov, I.V.Podzhio, A.Z.Muraviev, P.A.Muhanov, A.P.Yushnevsky, V.A.Bechasnov, the wife of Trubetskoy and their children stayed in Irkutsk land forever. In the late 1850s the Petrashevtzy appeared in Irkutsk. The exiled historian-democrat, A.P.Schapov, lived here till his last days, the Polish rebels and revolutionaries (including “narodniki”) lived here as well. A well-known Russian publicist of the XIX century, N. Shelgunov, wrote about Irkutsk: “Irkutsk is the only Siberian city, which has the city character. . As England created London, France - Paris, Siberia – created Irkutsk.

Siberia is proud of ancient art essay, Irkutsk, “not see this city” means “not to see Siberia”. In the early XIX century the city was considerably changed, especially its center. Large building were being built, mason streets were being made, cab drivers and night light appeared. The water-supply and first electrification stations began to work. The Irkutsk Regional museum with stamped last names of famous researches of Siberia on its walls (1883), the building of the first public community, city theater (1897), Kazan' cathedral, made in new Byzantine style(1893), and construct a working list for a paper the Roman-Catholic cathedral (1895) completed an architectural style of the city. In 1908 a monument to Alexander III was opened on a picturesque place of Angara embankment. The city was damaged and influenced by the political events of the XX century – the Russian revolution, the 1917 October revolution, the Civil war and the Great Patriotic War. Since the 1930s industrial construction of the city has begun.

Mechanical engineering plants, the photo air plant, brick and concrete plants, tea fabric, plants of reference, food industry were being built. Economic development of the city contributed to scientific, educational and cultural development. The first-born of the Higher education in Eastern Siberia, Irkutsk State University was founded in 1918. Its departments were developing as independent institutes: medical, pedagogical, finance-economical. Chinese Art Essay. In 1930 the metallurgic institute was opened, in 1934 agricultural institute was organized. Since the 1950s a fast development of construct reference list paper, Irkutsk city began after the Great Patriotic War, modern industrious look of a city was being built up.

In 1947 streetcar routes were opened in photo essay maker, the city, trolleybus routes in 1972. In 1958 a TV center was established. The city large district and micro regions construction period began. New districts such as Baikalskii, Solnechnii, Ubileinii, Primorskii, Akademgorodok and construct list for a research others were growing up. The historical literature of Irkutsk is analysis bergeron fairly extensive. An essay “The historiography of Irkutsk city” by A.B.Dulov, presenting a review of historical literature about our city, will be helpful to all specialists and researchers of city history.

The review is a first special work on this subject and was published for the first time. Modern Irkutsk is a large industrial, scientific, educational and a working reference list for a research paper cultural center of Russia. The more than three centuries long path, passed by analysis, the city left has marked on the city construction, its planning and architecture. A Working Reference List For A Research Paper. Irkutsk has preserved its original look, combining shine of church domes, beauty of merchants’ houses, monumentality of modern buildings and constructions. More than 1200 historical, architectural, cultural monuments, historically composed monuments are distinguished among them, have been preserved. Irkutsk is an administrative center of the analysis a dream region. Irkutsk is situated on three rivers: Angara, Irkut, Ushakovka in 66 km to the west from the Sacred lake Baikal, a grand creation of the Universe. The climate is severe. Though non-freezing Angara, winds from construct a working reference list for a paper, Zabaikalia and cyclones soften winter frost.

Irkutsk is for writing one of Russian cities where the number of sunny hours exceeds 2000. Vegetative meadows, pine forests are spread out around Irkutsk, there are many forest parks within a city. The population of Irkutsk is about 600,000 people. The city consists of 5 districts. The Kirovskii district is a historical and modern center of Irkutsk. Almost all administrative buildings, theaters, museums, libraries are located here. The territory of the construct list for a research Kuibishevskii district is the oldest industrial part of research for writing, Irkutsk, called as “Rabochee” suburb. The Oktyabriskii district is modern Irkutsk.

The Sverdlovskii district is a district of science and education. There are Irkutsk hydroelectric station, Studgorodok, Lenin’ district – large railway center of the construct a working list for a Eastern Siberian railway on the territory of the Sverdlovskii district. The Irkutsk industry is represented as a united regional complex by such branches as energy, food industry, building materials industry, airplane building, ship and literary harrison bergeron essay aviation repair industry. Irkutsk, located in the center of Eastern Siberia, is a modern trade center, large transportation center on list paper, the Trans Siberian railway. Irkutsk airport delivers passengers from Moscow to Vladivostok, to international airports of China, Japan and other countries.

Siberian region is one of the largest source of energy. On I. The construction of the construct reference research energy-industrial center has begun with the building of hydroelectric station on the Angara river. The development of academic science in a city is connected with activity of Irkutsk scientific center (INZ) SO (Siberian Department) RAN (Russian Academy of Sciences), uniting scientific-research institutes, industrial and economical organizations of the rhetorical analysis essay on i a dream SO RAN located in Irkutsk region and partly in construct reference for a research, other regions of Russia. The center has a unique scientific-research basis. On the territory of rhetorical analysis essay on i a dream, Siberia there are many astronomical, geographical and construct list for a biological stations. Scientific research of the Irkutsk scientists contribute to ancient, the development of the Earth Science, to the forming of social-economical potential of Irkutsk region and to all Siberia. A Working Reference List Research Paper. Outstanding scientists such as V.V.Zvonkov, E.V.Pavlkovskii, V.A.Krotov, L.A.Melentyev, M.M.Odinzov, V.B.Sochaeva, V.E.Stepanov, N.A.Ligachyev, were the heads of the teaching presidium of construct a working reference list paper, INZ SO RAN in different years. At present time the mit sloan application essay questions chairman of the Presidium is an Academician G.A. Zherebzov. Construct List For A. Academic and branch institutes, high schools help achieve a high level of fundamental and applied researches on math, mechanics, energetic, physic, cosmophysic, chemistry of solid substances, biology and physiology of plants.

46 municipal institutions of application questions, public health service function in Irkutsk. A medical center of nontraditional medicine, a center of psychological aid have been established. In 1999 the diagnosis center was opened. In 1987 Eastern-Siberian branch of SO RAN was opened in order to solve all regional problems and coordinate all researches, connected with preserving health of the population of Siberia. In Irkutsk museums and libraries cultural heritage of Irkutsk region is carefully preserved. In Irkutsk art museum of construct a working reference for a research paper, Sukachev unique collections of history, art and nature have been gathered. Scientific library of Irkutsk state university and Regional Universal Scientific Library of Molchanov-Sibirskii are considered to be keepers of priceless book treasures. Irkutsk land has raised a lot of talented poets and research writers such as I.T.Kalashnikov, N.A.Polevoi, I.Utkin, I.Molchanov-Siberskii, V.Rasputin, A.Vampilov, M.Sergeev and others. The theater and musical life of Irkutsk is variable. At present time 5 professional theatres work in Irkutsk: Academic drama theater of Okhlopkov, Musical theater, Youth Theater, Regional Puppet Theater, Folk Drama Theater; several amateur groups.

The Regional Philarmony offers concerts of chamber, classical and organ music. Irkutsk is a center of art culture of construct list research, Siberia. The Irkutsk organization of Russian Artist Union has celebrated its 65 th anniversary. Many artists are known outside the region. These are A.I.Vychugzhanin, B.Lebedinskii, A.Alexeev, L.B.Gimov, V.S.Rogal. Irkutsk is the city of the youth and students, getting a Higher Education in Classical, Pedagogical, Technical, Medical, Linguistical Universities, Economical and Agricultural Academies, 9 Institutes. There are about 30 middle special educational establishments, 10 professional-technical schools and lyceums.

About 50 kinds of sport are developed in Irkutsk. These are bandy, hockey, basketball, track and field athletics, free calisthenics, box, skating, skiing. There are champions and the Olympic Games prize-winners, largest international competitions winners. There are more than 150 periodicals, published in the city; daily on the air – 4 TV studios and 5 radio stations. Irkutsk is ancient art essay changing… The roads, heating mains, streetcar and trolleybus lines, social and cultural objects are growing.

Together with them old buildings, historical and cultural monuments are being restorated. On the list for a paper eve of a new millenium, relying on the land support, strengthening its forces, hearing its ancestors and contemporaries’ words, Irkutsk confidently looks at its future. This is our Irkutsk. But each Irkutsk citizen has his or her own Irkutsk and chinese life and destiny, connected with this city. “There are taller and more beautiful cities. But wherever the roads of the construct research Irkutsk townspeople lie, They see and hear you, Dear Irkutsk is the middle of the Earth.”

Public reproduction of materials of this site or separate parts, including electronic form, admitted only with concent of Scientific Library of mit sloan, Irkutsk State University.